Friday, August 20, 2010

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

What this moment means for YOU

Every moment of your life has an exact meaning. No moment is wasted. Each one serves a different purpose and carries a different message, but the events of life are all individually and collectively presented to serve YOU.

Which moment is always the most important one? THIS ONE.

In this moment you are bringing yourself the unavoidable truth that reality is here to serve you. You ask the questions and then the information comes into your experiences, just like this blog right now. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. In this moment the universe is just screaming a little louder at you, YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD, ARE BEING HEARD, AND WILL ALWAYS BE HEARD.

The question isn’t, “Is the Universe listening?”, the question is, “ARE YOU?"

Keep asking your questions. Watch what enters your space. Believe in your worth and perfection. Have faith in your endless creative ability, and most importantly....

Love who you are ☺

Oh, and thank yourself and the world that serves you for reminding you of all of this through this message!

There is SO much more yet to come for you...

Much Peace & love.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Book I AM set for SEPTEMBER 2nd release!

After almost an 8 year journey, my new book, I AM: THE POWER OF DISCOVERING WHO YOU REALLLY ARE is scheduled for release through Tarcher/Penguin Group Publishing on SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2010.

The information within the pages is designed to bring to full light, exactly what you are, how you have created your life and why you have created it in the exact manner that you have. It is a radical and eye-opening look at the very nature of who you are. It is this knowledge and understanding that opens the door for you to powerfully create your life in a more direct and deliberate way in this very moment. It is empowering and life changing information on the nature of reality and life.

More information and blogs about the information in the book will be out very soon.

The book is now up for pre-order at Amazon. Here is the link-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Questions and Answers About Life Part 5

The following are questions about life submitted during a second webinar I held in December titled "Master Your Reality".

QUESTION: What should I do about following my bliss when I feel like I should remain in my current work where people who I consider dear friends are depending on me?

RESPONSE: This is the current precipice of transformation for you. Will you submit to the rationalization that others need you and cant survive without you as an excuse for not to follow your heart that says there is more to life and love for you to experience. Or, will you open to and begin the process creating you reality in line with your true feelings.

The key thing to be aware of here is how much personal need begins to surface that has kept you away from bliss, the moment you begin down this path or even the thought of it. The question is, “Are you willing to have the faith that you will survive without being needed by them?” This is the next choice point on the path to true liberation and freedom for you.

Drop the need to be needed, find you own peace and grace and you'll be needed all the days of your life....

QUESTION: What about finding balance between light and dark...good and bad...yin and yang? I understand and want to remain positive yet the other side exists so how do I allow the dark to exist and yet stay positive?

RESPONSE: Yin and yang is a fundamental principal of duality, yet the experience of joy and bliss that is being offered through all of this information, is transcendent of a karmic backside and devoid of any illusions that end up being erased by a negative experience (yin/yang).

Whatever exists in your life exists as long as you keep your belief, focus and attention and thoughts on it. Any experience you desire of mind is possible for you, therefore, it is just as possible that you can enjoy much joy, peace and happiness each day and much less negativity.

The false idea is that something bad will happen to equal out the joy. This is the core of the issue. Life is what you make of it based on how you determine the circumstances you encounter each day. All of life can be joy when you begin to see this possibility and what is being offered to you through each happening of your life.

You stay positive in the face of perceived darkness with a faith and acceptance that understands that all things have a purpose for you on this journey. You do it with a knowing that all challenges are potential acceleration points towards more peace, understanding and bliss. You stay positive knowing that nothing is against you throughout your life but always for you.

QUESTION: My husband is laid off of work, since then he has spent an enormous amt. of time on the computer (being nonproductive). I am expecting him to be productive. I can't help but allow his flow of energy affect my energy. I am feeling brought down by what seems to be the "lack of energy" he brings into the house. How do I avoid and be less judgmental towards him and embrace the fact that he is at home, he is alive, he is helping out. I can't seem to shake the idea that he has a duty to go out and earn or be productive. How can I handle this situation, help myself or help him?

RESPONSE: The conflict you feel comes from your expectations of him as it conflicts with the reality you experience from him.

You say <<”I can't seem to shake the idea that he has a duty to go out and earn or be productive.”>> The truth is you CAN shake the idea but you just haven’t chosen to do so yet. There is no right or wrong about this, just know that dropping the expectation is a possibility and a way to liberate your state of mind.

One way to reconcile the situation is to sit down and have a sincere heart to heart talk about what you are feeling, what he is feeling, and see if he is willing to make some changes in the effort of reconnecting with you. If this is done in a sincere nonjudgmental way you will see his true level of respect for you and your feelings which will allow you to make focused and confident decisions moving forward. If he feels attacked he will resist all aspects of your talk. What he is going through in his mind may be things that you have even considered yet (just like he hasn't considered many of yours), so an open dialogue can be a powerful way to start change.

The real optimal path to the change you seek is to find your happiness and positivity even in the midst of the current situation. Can you see that this may be part of the reason this is happening for you? When you find your own bliss and release yourself from the effect, expectation or need of others to be anyone or anyway other than how they are being, you shine a powerful loving energy that radiates out and positively affects and uplifts all of those around you. You begin to transform your world because when you have transformed yourself. This is the true power and potential that is in you.

Have faith that there is a purpose for what is happening, be firm and steadfast in the life and type of energy you want to experience each day, and know that it is the acceptance not resistance of others that is the path to true change for you, your life and the decisions you will make from this moment forward.

QUESTION: What's something I can do to become more aware of the truth of who I am right now?

RESPONSE: You just did it. Questioning with the true desire to know more is a large part of the process. The next step is to pay close attention to what enters you reality. It will reveal how truly powerful you are as a creator of your experience of life and will contain an answer for you to evaluate.

Also, look at your life and the current circumstances of your life and the relationships you have built or find yourself in. This will tell you much about who you have been. Who you are right now will be determined by how you interpret and respond to these circumstances from this moment forward.

Much Love,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Questions and Answers About Life Part 4

The following are questions submitted in a recent webinar I held in October titled "Master Your Reality". Each week a few new questions and responses from the event will be posted.

QUESTION: Why is it that some days you feel peaceful and happy. Then the next day even when trying to stay positive and it seems like the universe is against you and you cannot get ahead?

RESPONSE: Peace and happiness stem from acceptance and faith. This is a faith and understanding in your ability to be and experience anything you set your mind towards. On good days you know the limitless possibility that is always in front of you and you are working towards the manifestation of that possibility which breeds hope.

A negative mindset stems from and idea of personal imperfection, denial, resistance and a limited view on what is possible; the loss of hope. Things happen to us each day to reveal the truth to us and it is up to each one of us as to how we choose to experience and react to these “happenings”. We can see them as setbacks or we can have faith that they are part of the larger learning experience we are on to get to where we said we ultimately wanted to go in life.

Life is not a straight line. There is and ebb and a flow to it. The greater your awareness of the true nature of all things the more you flow and the less you ebb. And when you do ebb you are able to pull yourself out in a much shorter experience of time. In the down moments remember all you do have and all that is yet to come for you because you have always been worth it. This is “will” check time (kind of like gut check time). How badly do you desire to experience the life you dream about big or small. There are perceived obstacles to every path, however it will be your will, desire and the realization of your birthright for joy and peace that sees you through to many more peaceful days.

QUESTION: Some teachers very strongly suggest that we come to peace with the fact that there is a greater master plan at work in all our lives and once we release our need to control the outcome of the events in our lives then we will find ourselves at peace. On the other hand, many others teach that we are here to create our own realities. I believe these two can co-exist but I haven't yet figured out exactly how. What are your thoughts on this, Howard?

RESPONSE: Both ideas clearly understood are a powerful combination. Since everything we do ultimately is for our perceived survival, when we realize that our survival is never in doubt we are free to create without limits and expectations, putting us in the most powerful and liberating state of mind in existence.

The master plan is infinite life and limitless creativity. So it is not about losing your desire for the creation and outcome you wish for, it is about realizing you don’t NEED the outcome to happen to survive. By releasing your need you create from a state of unconditional love. Nothing is more powerful than this energy of thought. Control comes from need. Need comes from fear. Fear comes from the desire to survive. When you create without the need to control the outcome because you have come to an understanding and faith in the ultimate outcome, your creativity and experiences will know no limit. There will be no end to your joy.

QUESTION: How does one learn to control ones appetites and addictions?

RESPONSE: Control indicates forced action. Forced action is draining and usually doesn’t last. The question you may want to ask is how does one transcend addiction? Addiction is a means to an end that never comes, hence the addiction. To transcend it you will need to find the beliefs you hold that cause your normal state of mind (without the addictive property) to become so negative that you crave relief. This discovery will take a will and desire for real change and will lead you down a path of deep self-inquiry and awareness. With a consistent dedication for your desired reality these poisonous beliefs will ultimately be discovered, dissolved and replaced by new ones that empower you in a way where there is no more addiction because there is no longer a poor state of mind that you seek relief from.

QUESTION: Are we supposed to choose who we want to be? Or do we just reveal who we truly are already?

RESPONSE: Both - Through the process of self-awareness we reveal more of who we really are, which empowers us to be even more limitless as we create who and what we choose to be, which reveals more of who we really are, which empowers us to be even more limitless as we create who and what we choose to be, which reveals more of who we really are, which empowers us to be even more limitless as we create who and what we choose to be……………….

Monday, November 30, 2009

Questions & Answers About Life Part 3

The following are questions submitted in a recent webinar I held in October titled "Master Your Reality". Each week a few new questions and responses from the event will be posted.

QUESTION: Why is it so easy to help others in their situation but, we don't see or are mystified by our own situations?

RESPONSE: To see the truth or the solution in your own self you have to be good and ready. Also, once you see it, it makes it harder to avoid change. Change is the very thing that the ego often fights against. We hold tight to our stories even though many times they contain plenty of suffering. We do so because the fear of the unknown is perceived to be worse then the current suffering. Even though ironically it is what eventually liberates us from our suffering.

It feels good to offer another the truth when we see it clearly. However, for ourselves it has to be when we are finally and completely ready.

QUESTION: Is it Ok to feel pain and disappointment in life as long as you don't make it apart of you?

RESPONSE: It’s not about being ok or not ok, rather it’s about what you desire to experience. If you would rather feel pleasure, joy and peace then yes, when you feel these negative feelings or they begin to creep up look to discover the thoughts or beliefs behind the feelings that support them and look to change them. This is how these feelings become less of a part of you and your story.

Challenge the "automatic" thoughts that sponsor any negative feelings you have and you will find the true source of your disharmony. These are the lies that have been lived out as truths in your life. The question to ask yourself is “Do these thoughts serve me now based on what I desire to experience?” If not, continue to challenge and change them into the thoughts that will support you on your creative journey.

QUESTION: How do you balance the desire to give to others ie, friends, family, clients,.... with your own necessity to take care of your own responsibilities, how do you learn to work smarter rather than harder?

RESPONSE: You can only do what you can do. The key is to make sure that at the end of the day you are content and happy knowing you have always done you best - for that day. To carry any burden of regret is counterproductive to your next day. Working smarter is about being in the most balanced and clear state of mind so that a more creative and powerful energy can flow out of you. If you feel you need to be everything to everyone else it is because you have not come to love and acceptance with who you are regardless of what you do for others.

Ironically coming to this beautiful state allows you to be just that for everybody. No matter what the key is to always know that for this moment you are good enough :-)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Questions & Answers About Life Part 2

The following are questions submitted in a recent webinar I held in October titled "Master Your Reality". Each week a few new questions and responses from the event will be posted.

QUESTION: How can I accept that everything happens for a reason when I am at my breaking point while I am going through the process?

RESPONSE: You do not have to accept this. You can choose to see nothing but randomness or bad luck but it will bring you no closer to a solution for your perceived problems. Accepting that things are happening for a reason gives you the chance to discover where the reality before you is coming from.

Accepting that there is a purpose puts you in the path to find it, resolve it and hence change your reality so you no longer feel like you are at a breaking point. Acceptance IS the beginning of the pathway to change.

QUESTION: Can you please talk more about how the universe is a giant mirror? What does that mean for our behavior and the way we think? How do we use this knowledge to our advantage?

RESPONSE: What you believe is true is mirrored in the way you act. The universe reflects you actions back to you by what you experience from these thoughts and actions. When what you believe is not in sync with the reality you experience, you are confronted with this truth. Often times this is in painful ways. The purpose of the disharmony is to nudge you closer and closer to collective truth. When what you believe is in harmony with reality, you experience total peace and fulfillment.

They way this knowledge can be used is how it allows you to be more aware of who you really are leading you to become a very powerful creator of your reality.

QUESTION: What do you do when your practicing these techniques and are suddenly stuck a serious emotional blow? How do you bounce back?

RESPONSE: You realize that you have overcome it ALL and that you are overcoming it ALL and that you will overcome it ALL.

Emotional blows reveal attachments to the things in your outer world. The key is to enjoy and cherish those things while realizing that who you are at your very essence is always beyond the need for them. This allows for the most sacred and fulfilling experience of these things while you are experiencing them.

When something seemingly devastating occurs the question to ask yourself is “Who do I want to be in relationship to this event.” Am I going to curl up in a ball forever or am I going to get up, dust off and choose to live life fully. The choice is always yours and it will determine not only the quality of your experience of life but what you create within it. The power over "time" is always with you.
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